Thursday, July 29, 2010

Who am I, and why may my thoughts be interesting?

My name is Gilad Hellerman and I am currently the CTO of a direct-response online advertising company called DSNR media group (DMG in short). I joined DMG on January of 2009. Previous to working for DMG I had my own software development company called Netica, and I was its CEO and CTO. I sold Netica at mid 2008, took a short timeout, and than jumped right back into the tech water.

Upon joining DMG I found myself in a very interesting position in which I could focus on technology both in terms of keeping up with the latest technologies and with implementing them. I also found myself being introduced to a whole new market which I was not intimately familiar with while having to build the R&D department from scratch (applications, manpower, procedures etc...) and all of that in a market and company that was very rapidly growing and relying almost entirely on technologies.

This obviously posed great challenges in all these areas and I found that in the process I developed many insights that I wanted to share with my team and whoever else is interested. I also found that many of these insights were not fully polished and I realized, as Francis Bacon wrote that: "Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man" and thus decided to start writing my thoughts and insights as I was already reading and conferring a lot with my colleagues and co-workers but I was not yet exact enough.

I will try to keep my posts somewhere in between a tweet and an article so as not to be tedious but still keep a certain depth.

I will write about things that happen to me and that I could draw some kind of conclusion or insight out of. I will also write about online-advertising industry issues, UI issues and other product or technological issues.

I hope it will be interesting.
I would love comments and follows.


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