Sunday, April 17, 2011

Random thoughts about flight and blog posts

I am now on a plane en-route to Ad:Tech San Francisco. It is an eleven hour flight from Frankfort after a five hour flight and a connection from tel aviv. All and all a 20-24 hours journey.
Long flights are bad for me.
The plane is a Boeing 747-400 and the entertainment system is a central one that I have not seen in ages in transatlantic flights. I must say it was very disappointing to find this out as the flight from tel aviv was an excellent one (the airline, by the way, is Lufthansa). Other than that the flight is good, but as there practically is no entertainment system (all we have is one microscopic, out-of-focus, with red areas TV which luckily - so as not to see the red areas, is half blocked by the overhead compartments) I decided to sit (as if I have much choice) and try to think how to pass the time. It is a morning flight and so an occasional nap crepes on me and is welcomed with open arms (or actually with shut eyes) but its bliss is usually very brief and elusive. Then I decide - I will write. Lately I love to write. I actually had to will myself to write about 2 years ago, but over time I came to love it. The problem is what to write about and actually who to write to (as these two questions interlink).

Its like a writer's block. 
Or not. 
I am no writer and I do not feel blocked. Just without ideas. 
Or not. 
I am writing something now, aren't I?

I discovered I am writing two types of articles. The first are professional articles. Their ideas are hard to come by since epiphanies are rare and simply coherent and structured thoughts and ideas (by the way, we are now over Iceland, the sky is clear and it is spectacular) are also not extremely common, and when already formed, do not seem so interesting for someone else to read.
The second type of articles/essays are just random thoughts running in my mind. Like this raving here. These mostly find their way to some forgotten folder as they surely do not interest anybody. But then again, isn't this why I opened my own, personal blog? Who is this blog for? Me! So why shouldn't I post there my random thoughts? (After all it was originally called "random thoughts of a CTO"). Or not. Who cares what my random thoughts are? So why publish? I can just save to the folder. Or not. Can't explain it. It is different when it is out there.

I do like to write. Don't know why. But I am missing ideas. And so I am rambling on, in the hope that these words will form into an idea worth reading. It has not happened here but it did happen once, not long ago, and so I am hoping it will happen again.
Or not.

Is this post about how to pass the time on a long, boring flight? Is it about how to get ideas for things to write about? Is it about how to start a post with a vague idea of what you want to write and develop it as you go along? I do not know. Probably non of the above (but they sure are good ideas for future posts). It probably is not a "how to" post at all. I am actually not sure it is even a post...
Or not.
I said that long flights are bad for me...
Or not.

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