Monday, September 19, 2011

Thoughts on the Yahoo Global Partner Summit - NYC September 2011

Last week I attended the Yahoo global partner summit.
I left the summit with mixed feelings.
On one hand, we did not get any dramatic announcements (I think they could and should have announced the cooperation with microsoft and AOL in the summit rather than one day after), we got to hear an "interim" CEO and had many of our direct questions returned unanswered.
On the other hand, we got to hear a company with a rather unified message, we heard a company that seem to know where it is headed and according to all I have read since Carol Bartz's departure, seems to headed in the right direction of being first and foremost a publishing house and a publishing platform.
The main thing that bothered me though was, RMX role in all of this. I understand Yahoo's need for the exchange's demand but I fail to see the value that Yahoo generates from the exchange's supply. Moreover, it seems to defocus them towards a technology and services company rather than a publishing house and platform. I will give them credit that they are making an effort to talk about and act on the fact that the RMX at its entirety is important to them, but we need to remember that both Yahoo and RMX do not have permanent CEOs and it would be very interesting to see where the new CEOs will take it.

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